About DesignsByShell


Jewellery making is my hobby. It started when, at the age of 55, I was recovering from flu and decided to treat myself by finally having my ears pierced. Thus started the joy of buying earrings. The beaded ones I bought looked fairly simple to make and YouTube taught me how! With earrings of course you need necklaces to match so I learnt how to string beads.
The next step was the discovery of metal clay. Wow! That was great fun. Then, in order to embed glass you need a small kiln. However, once you have a kiln you can start fusing glass and make your cabachons.

Then when the jewellers kiln broke just before a xmas market of course it had to be replaced....with a larger one! Hooray! Now I could make dishes and candle holders.

One thing leads to another and finally I'm starting to work with silver sheet and do some 'real' silversmithing.
Although I do the occasional market and Open Studio most of my work is on commission or just because that's what I fancy making. This is a hobby, not a business, hence any profits after costs are donated to various charities including Spitalfields Crypt Trust, Crisis, Shelter and the DEC.
Shelley Wise